Success at the trot!

At last my persistence–and my instructor’s patience–has paid off. On Tuesday evening I had my seventh lesson with instructor Nathalie at Acorn Farm in San Juan Capistrano. The following video was taken during my lesson:

When I came to Acorn Farm three weeks ago, I was still at the point where I clung to the saddle to keep my balance, was unable to steer or to keep a horse going once he decided to trot–in short, totally uncoordinated. The only positive thing I could do was rise from the saddle to post–and not fall off the horse! It really wasn’t pretty! In this short time I’ve had seven lessons and have improved exponentially.

I know my trot’s not perfect yet, but man, it’s a HUGE improvement over where I was. I’ve learned to control my hands so that now I can keep them much quieter and steer, and to use my legs properly to “squeeze” the horse consistently and keep him moving. Nathalie is beginning to teach me about diagonals, and has me correct my posting to the correct diagonal.

Kobe is a delightful horse to work with, and Nathalie’s calm confidence is very catching. I’m so glad I found them both and am truly savoring this delicious breakthrough. 🙂


About Roberta

My husband and I are living our dream after buying a classic Southern plantation house... but neither of us has lived in a farmhouse before and every day's an adventure!
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