A small step for a horse, but a giant leap for his rider!

Today I jumped! Okay, now don’t get too excited. It wasn’t exactly the kind of jump you’d see at a horse show. It was a teeny tiny flowerbox obstacle that my lesson horse Kobe just hopped over without even thinking about it–in fact on his approach for my last jump, he even broke stride and simply trotted up to it before taking off. But for the emotional impact it had on me, it may as well have been a meter high!

As with any skill you learn, you start with baby steps and build up. Because of the type of exercises we’d been doing in recent lessons, I had the feeling my trainer Nathalie was going to have me try one of the little jumps soon.

I had so much fun last week cantering a ground pole course that she set up, and was thrilled that she positioned two poles on the ground next to each other between two jump standards so that I had to ride through the “jump” and over the poles as part of the course.

I have enormous faith in Nathalie, and I always trust her when she asks me if I’m up for a challenge because I know she’d never suggest it unless she was certain I’m capable of it. So when she suggested to me that I try this little jump today, I knew I could do it. I gave it a shot, and I’m delighted. I left the original audio on this video so you can hear Nathalie’s directions, and get an idea of how much fun she has in the lessons, too!

Seriously, if you had seen me six months ago, you wouldn’t have believed I could do this now. A couple of the other riders at the barn have mentioned that it’s as though I’m a different person since I learned to canter in July. With Nathalie’s amazing coaching, my confidence has grown in… well… leaps and bounds!

I’m so looking forward to my next chance to hop over the little fence and do a much better job of it, and am eager to begin the steep learning curve needed to take on all the other novice jumps in the ring.

What happened today was a small step for a horse, but a giant leap for his rider. Once again, I’m thrilled stoopid! 🙂


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My husband and I are living our dream after buying a classic Southern plantation house... but neither of us has lived in a farmhouse before and every day's an adventure!
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