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To Everything, A Season: A Time to Try Part I

The past three weeks have been a very novel and exciting time as I search for a new horse to ride. Since returning to Acorn Farm and having such a fabulous ride on Renzo on September 21, with the help of trainer Nathalie … Continue reading

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An exciting new goal!

Had two wonderful riding lessons this past weekend. I’ve put together a video of some of the things we worked on. Surprisingly, the temperature shot up on Saturday and even further on Sunday. It was time for T-shirts and tank tops again … Continue reading

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Thrilled Stoopid!

Meanwhile, back at the Farm… My last post about riding lessons was to share that I’d just learned to canter. It was a HUGE milestone for me, having trotted like crazy since last October, never progressing till I began lessons at … Continue reading

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Woohoo! I’m cantering!

What an amazing week Dream Boy Kobe and I have had together. At my riding lesson a week last Saturday, after a thorough trotting warm-up, my trainer Nathalie told me she wanted me to ask Kobe for the canter. She … Continue reading

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